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by Administrator, 25.07.2013
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998048_10151802856748828_1162544165_n.jpgThe group played early shows in Philadelphia and throughout
Pennsylvania and surrounding states. They’ve shared bills with
Slipknot, Kottonmouth Kings and GWAR. And for many years
now, they’ve toured with longtime friends and associates the
Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid. Their touring repertoire is not
just limited to the States as WOLFPAC as had great success
touring both Japan and the UK with sites on conquering the
world some time in the near future. In addition to touring with
ICP, Twiztid and other Psychopathic Records artists, WOLFPAC
has become a staple of the label’s annual Gathering of the

WOLFPAC concerts have been highly controversial – especially

to PMRC types who’d like to censor any and all forms of free
expression. Shows have been shut down by the authorities a
handful of times, and WOLFPAC is constantly raising the bar –
over the years incorporating fire, staple guns, masked men
patrolling moshpits in riot gear, and strippers to enhance the
in-concert experience. They were the only band to be removed
from the stage by police at the Chicago Expo of the Extreme.
And their appearance on “Opie & Anthony” – the infamous “Black
Wednesday Episode” – is quite possibly the only show to ever
be banned in the history of satellite radio. The episode featured
comedian Jim Norton, a Jagermeister Tap Machine, and the
Girls Of WOLFPAC doing things too extreme to pass even the
most open-minded and lenient censors.
The release of “Square Peg Round Hole” kicks off a new and
exciting era for WOLFPAC, and the entire band is fired up and
ready to share the album with its longtime supporters and new
fans alike. 

In addition to its web site, the band can be followed
on social media.

Daddy Long Legs and his ever-evolving lineup of merry misfits
return with their long-awaited third full-length album, aptly titled
“Square Peg Round Hole,” due out August 1st on SugarDaddy
Productions, Inc. The latest WOLFPAC album delivers 18 brand
new tracks that embody everything that is WOLFPAC – sick and
twisted rhymes over slamming production on topics that delve
deeply into kinky sex, senseless violence and debauchery so
diabolical it could make Charlie Sheen blush and Amanda Bynes
call it a night. “Square Peg Round Hole,” the band’s proper
follow-up to 2001’s timeless classic, the “Evil Is” LP, offers a
variety of hard-hitting tracks featuring lead vocals by emcees
Daddy Long Legs and Buddha.
In an age where the music industry as it was less than 10 years
ago is all but extinct, independent artists like WOLFPAC have
risen from the ashes of the now barely relevant major labels to
enjoy the spoils of their hard work and never-say-die attitude.
Never depending upon the support of the mainstream music
industry machine, WOLFPAC is the quintessential square peg –
not fitting neatly into any label or category. Instead, the crew has
broken down the walls to bring its diehard fans unforgettable
songs and a live show that is one of the most energetic and
unpredictable going today.
WOLFPAC’s origins can be traced back to 1996, when the group
was founded by Daddy Long Legs, right after he parted ways
with the Bloodhound Gang – a highly successful group he
started with longtime friend Jimmy Pop. The pair split lead vocals
on the Bloodhound Gang’s debut EP, “Dingleberry Haze” (1994,
Cheese Factory Records), and on its major label full-length
offering, “Use Your Fingers” (1995, Columbia Records). With
Bloodhound Gang, Daddy toured with Sugar Ray, Lordz Of
Brooklyn, Deftones and 2 Skinnee J’s. A year later, Daddy Long
Legs conceptualized and founded WOLFPAC as a brand new
project and a perfect creative outlet for the dark and twisted
sense of humor that’s very much a part of his lyrical forte.

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